There are many causes for headaches, and according to the International Headache Society (the IHS) about 80% originate from the neck*.

These headaches are classed as tension headaches, not because they are necessarily caused by stress, but because they are believed to be caused by muscle tension.

The headaches/neck problems can stem from a large variety of causes, including bad posture, whiplash, osteo arthritis and sleeping habits. The vast majority of these can be treated successfully with a combination of spinal manipulation, spinal mobilisation and acupuncture.

The remaining headaches comprise a large variety of types including migraines, cluster headaches, sinus headaches, period-related migraines, ejaculation headaches etc. Some of these can be treated; others can be suppressed for long periods. Migraine for example cannot be cured, however it can frequently be suppressed for periods of about a year. For us, suppressed means that no medication has to be taken.

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* 87% of men's headaches and 76% of women's originate from the neck - Phillips C 1997; Headache in General Practice. Headache 16; 322-329.

Lee Pankhurst 2013